VPN client switching issue

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Hello Snb !

I do have a weird issue : I'm not able to change my VPN :/

let me details : I have a paid subscription to ExpressVPN and I configured everything for their French server and everything is working right, but I cannot use another server than this one :(

I use an ASUS RT-AC2900 (RT-AC86U) with merlin that is used for both wifi router and VPN client so I can have the complete house under the VPN.

the router is connected via wire to an ADSL box (fritzbox)

The settings I want :

Configure the 5 VPN client to be able to switch from country to country in an easy way, for the complete home. (The idea is to watch Netflix catalogs from different countries)

I have successfully configured the VPN client 1 for the French server in Paris, it's working fine, I can watch Netflix content from France.

but If I stop it and then start the Canadian or any other server (let say VPN client4), I cannot access to the outside world, I can't even ping the ADSL box from a computer under the wifi

(IP while the ASUS box is or depending the side of it)

So it's like the VPN configuration is blocking all the outside access.

For sure I double check the complete configuration and it's the same on both VPN client.

I'm not sure what kind of test I can do In order to know what's wrong :/

Is there something I missing with VPN switching ?


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If you have enabled policy rules and are using the internet kill switch, i.e. "Block routed clients if tunnel goes down set to YES", then make sure to toggle this setting to no before you turn off the one VPN client to select another client.
Block routed clients if tunnel goes down


New Around Here
Hi Larry,

thanks for reply, I finally give up, reset and started from scratch a complete new settings.

Now I have a one VPN config where I change the address and don't switch between each other.

I will test again later with multi VPN configuration.

I had the kill switch feature enabled, but somehow I was thinking that it is valid only if the VPN client is activated.


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