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mekabe remain

Regular Contributor

is there an addon which would enable use of VPN (client) by only specific network clients ?
I mean after connecting the router to a VPN server, that route would be used only by specified network clients.
is there such feature/addon ?



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No need for an addon it's built into the firmware's GUI.



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Did you study the link provided above?

mekabe remain

Regular Contributor
I don't see "Redirect Internet traffic" on the VPN Client configuration page.
which version of Merlin WRT FW has that ?


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It's actually the "Force Internet traffic through tunnel" option, from which you select Policy Rules. The "Redirect Internet traffic" option is an old reference that should be updated in the documentation.


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Which router and firmware do you have?


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You must select force internet traffic through tunnel and then add your clients IP in the section below. You will need to set a static IP for the client.


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