VPN Director and Merlin Firmware RT-AC86U_386.7_2 - Slow Wifi Performance


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Hi Everyone,

I did some searching but I could not find the solution to my problem on this forum.

Current Firmware: RT-AC86U_386.7_2
Router: RT-AC86U

The Problem: When VPN Director and a VPN Client is Started, all wifi clients end up getting very slow performance. This was not the case with the previous firmware I was using: RT-AC86U_386.4_0.

Troubleshooting: At first I thought it was the Google DNS servers I was using, so I switched to OpenDNS but that did not solve the issue. I factory reset the modem and applied only by specific SSIDs and Password for Wifi. Everything was working fine. The next thing I did was setup a specific IP address for client on the Wifi Network though DHCP. Everything was working well. As soon as I setup the VPN Client (NordVPN), enabled the VPN Director and assigned that single client to pass though the VPN Client, all clients started experiencing poor performance. This was working perfectly fine before flashing the most recent Merlin firmware. The poor performance was exhibited by opening any website, it would take a minimum of 3-5 seconds before anything would happen and then finally the website would open. When the VPN Client on the router is turned off, performance was as expected for everyone, opening websites was near instant. Yes I rebooted the router multiple times also but that did not resolve the issue.

My VPN Director Looks like this:

OpenVPN clients status
OVPN1: Client 1ConnectedNo Internet trafficStop Client

Add new rule ( Max Limit : 199 )

EnableDescriptionLocal IPRemote IPIfaceEdit


When I stop the client, performance is as expected everywhere. When I start the client, everyone starts having poor performance. I thought that by default all clients pass though the WAN and not the OVPN1 client by default if there is no rule defined, but it seems as if everyone is going through the VPN Client instead. I thought perhaps this has changed, so I added a rule to pass a specific client though WAN for troubleshooting purposes. But that specific client routed though the WAN still experienced poor performance on initial connection to the website. The entry looks like this:

EnableDescriptionLocal IPRemote IPIfaceEdit


Does anyone have any hint on what is going on or can help?

Thank you so much everyone for reading my post.


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Go to the VPN Client settings tab and check that the setting “Redirect Internet traffic through tunnel” is set to “VPN Director (policy rules)”.
i run a similar if not the same config with the correct settings and it runs like a champ! (now that's an old expression - perhaps progressive will have it in a commercial.) so i'm curious to the rationale that led to your response. even though i run well, i certainly, would not have known how to respond much less nail it like you did. curious, what led you directly to that setting?

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