VPN Director rulelist partially lost on reboot


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Happens in Merlin v386.5_2:

Some of the rules in VPN Director are lost after rebooting of the router, while some of the rules remain. This behaviour is reflected in both the AsusWRT-Merlin interface and /jffs/openvpn/vpndirector_rulelist

In the attached screenshots, there is one rule that goes missing on reboot (and is named as such) while the other two remain.

I've looked around for similar issues, but only found this incident, which however seems to have a different cause: https://www.snbforums.com/threads/vpn-director-settings-do-not-get-saved.78790/

p.s. I have YazFi running on the router, could that be causing a conflict?

Any suggestions are very much appreciated!


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The fact you're using YazFi *might* be causing a conflict since as I recall, it does manipulate the VPN Director for its own purposes. But I can't specifically tell you what that is. I've NOT seen any such issues under normal operating procedures. But as soon as you introduce a third-party script that manipulates underlying system files, I suppose anything is possible in terms of potential errors. In this case, a lost update.
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Thanks a lot for your reflection! I think I will remove YazFi to see if the behaviour changes, especially because at least part of the functionality of YazFi seems to have been replaced by VPN Director; in my case: separate VPNs for each guest network.

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