VPN inside VPN - Loss of Internet


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I need some help. I have an OpenVPN running on my Merlin Router (self-created AWS profile), but due to my network setup, it is not the primary router. Everything works fine when I am connected to ONLY my OpenVPN, but when I connect to another VPN on my computer, it blocks all my network traffic. The VPN connects, but the internet is dead. I was able to do this where I used to live, but when I moved, now I cannot connect to the VPN.

I have basic networking experience, and I know it had to do with double routing and most likely NAT issues, but I am not sure where to start. Any help would be appreciated.
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Your post is confusing. You have multiple "VPNs" but it is not clear which are clients and which are servers. The Wireguard reference is also unclear.

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