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I've shopped around for VPN's and selected SurfShark on performance, privacy and price. I contacted their tech support when I was shopping to find out what kind of performance hit I'll see with a VPN. I was told by SurfShark to expect a 30% decrease in download speed, worst case. I have a 600mbs down service and 30% less wouldn't be too bad. Sounded doable for me. I signed up this morning and installed the app on my Win10 machine. I was thinking that if the speed was good, maybe I'd set up a VPN at my AC86U.

On my own, and with extensive help from SurfShark tech support, I couldn't seem to get past 100mbs down on a consistent basis. Interestingly, my initial tests were when I had my laptop near my router, which is not it's usual location. In this location I get the full 600+mbs down consistently w/o the VPN, and 100mbs down with the VPN.

When I move my laptop back to my office where it is typically used, my non-VPN speed it typically 200mbs down, but the VPN speed is still 100mbs!

Does this indicate that from my home location from the SurfShark server, SurfShark does not provide a 30% reduction in access speed, but rather, SurfShark imposes a ceiling of 100mbs??

Do any of you folks know if this can be increased somehow? I tried other protocols (IKEv2 is the fastest) and I am using the fastest, closest SurfShark server. I know that I can try another VPN provider, but the research I just did since I saw this VPN behavior indicates that 100mbs down is actually really good, especially when you live 100+ miles from the closest server. I am finding this a little confusing!


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Using a VPN from other providers you should be able to get speeds higher than 100 Mbps. I have a 200/10 connection and I get near line speeds while running a VPN on my AC86 though the speeds fluctuate during the day.

If you run the VPN application on your PC and the provider supports WireGuard I have seen reports that it is possible to get speeds as high as 800 Mbps or even more.


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Thanks Captain.

I spoke with NordVPN today, and they shy away from talking about performance - even sharing what their customer's experiences have been.

SurfShark offers WireGuard, but for me and my connection, IKEv2 is faster.

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