VPN or ddns?

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Hello, in your opinion to share the network disk connected to the isb port of the router (asus dsl-68u), is it safer to use the asus ddns or a vpn? how do you configure the VPN to do this? what are the differences between VPN client and VPN server?


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Vpn and ddns serve 2 completely different functions.

First, personally, I would never use the router as a file server. Ddns is simply a convenient way to access your network (by name instead of a potentially rotating IP address). Vpn provides security when accessing your network.

Ultimately, using both ddns *and* vpn is the easiest and most secure way to access your network remotely.

Re client vs server, pretty straight forward. You use a client app to connect to the VPN server to establish the secure link. Per your example scenario, you would setup the VPN server on your router and a client on your remote device.

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