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Two months ago I replaced my aging Google Mesh Routers with an ASUS RT-AX68U Router. I absolutely love it! I also do a lot of streaming. I have a NVIDIA Shield connected by Ethernet to one of the ASUS ports. I also use NordVPN on my Laptop, Cellphones, and NVIDIA Shield. Recently I loaded the NordVPN client to my ASUS router to cover anything that goes through the router. But, when I had the NordVPN running on the NVIDIA Shield while streaming, I have a third-party app running that provides a GREEN DOT in the upper corner of the screen to show real-time if the VPN is up and running. When I move the VPN to my router, I no longer get immediate feedback or any indication the VPN is up and running.

My question: Is there any way to configure the router so if the VPN goes down, the entire Internet signal also goes down? This would provide me comfort knowing I could never be streaming without a VPN running.

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