VPN router behind ISP router

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My setup is as follows:

ISP router -> various computers, zxytel t-50
VPN Router,->Smart TV, Asus N66U

I am trying to get a openvpn client running on the asus router, but I keeep geetin routing IP issues preventing connection.
I have gotten a GL.iNet running the openVPN client behind the t-50 so I know it's possible without changing t-50 settings.

Can someone give me a rundown of the proper Lan and Wan settings for the Asus to get it to play nice with the t-50. I would continue with the GL.iNet but it doesn't have the clock speed for the 4k TV I so cleverly upgraded to. I am aware the N66U might not either but I want to check before I go and by something new.


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The firmware you're running and the ISP speeds you're paying for are also important to note here.

The easiest way for you to test is to plug in the RT-N66U to your ISP's router and test it there.

Otherwise, you will have to forward ports on the Zyxel T-50 to allow the double NAT'd RT-N66U to 'see' the internet.


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You need to double NAT your VPN router behind your ISP router. It will work fine.


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Double NAT worked well. Unfortunately, N66U isn't fast enough so I went and bought an AX55. Hopefully this will be enough. Thanks much!


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Yes the N66 does top out at about 20 Mbps for a VPN client. I don't know what processor speed the AX55 has but with a faster processor you can expect about 60 Mbps. For even faster speeds you need a processor that supports AES-NI then speeds over 200 Mbps are possible when using a client on a router.

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