VPN Server: multiple remote users at the same IP address?

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Running AX-86U router with Merlin 386.1_2. Did a factory hard reset (WPS button), and complete settings manual install.

VPN server (OVPN) is running fine with one connected user. Allow Client <-> Client is enabled, so that I can remotely login to the router GUI; and remotely access other devices on the router network.

I'm having issues when a second user at the same remote IP address (same as the first connected user) attempts to connect: then the first connected user will experience slow service and can get disconnected. Both users have unique usernames and passwords in the AX-86U GUI.

Are multiple users originating from the same IP address supposed to be able to run simultaneous connections to VPN server?


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Probably both users are using the same CN (Common Name) on their certs. You need to add the following to the OpenVPN server's custom config.


P.S. The client-to-client option is only about allowing each OpenVPN client to access the other, and/or the network behind each OpenVPN client. By default, OpenVPN establishes a sort of network isolation (for security reasons) between the OpenVPN clients unless you enable the client-to-client option. It has nothing to do w/ accessing the shared remote network, and which is why you would normally NOT enable client-to-client except under special conditions.
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Thank you kind sir!

I did as you bid to the custom config: then exported the updated OpenVPN configuration file to several devices, each with a unique username and password, and everything connected fine at the same time.

Really helpful.

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