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Running 384.5 and all has been amazing now for a few weeks. I have one small question tho and im not sure how to go about it. I set up a vpn client thru policy rules and all is great. I then wanted to run a few other items thru a vpn client but on a different address as to not congest a single devices and have the router differ them all ... i do believe all was working great until the other day i realized all my devices in the house was running off of one of the clients even tho i only had 3 specified.. this is in no way a flaw in the build and an obvious setting error on my part but i figure someone has done something similar to this in here before or hoping so... appreciate all advice and help in this matter thank you .. oh btw im running it on an ac88u router.. ipvanish and wanting to run multiple vpn clients instead of all on one.
Welcome, Stranger. Did you read the wiki, how to setup the clients for your netowrk in the GUI (LAN/DHCP)? Each device should be seen by the router there, then you just give each a user friendly name, make sure all addresses assigned by the router are below the number described in the wiki, change any address needed then save. Proceed to your OpenVPN clients, removing and/or adding devices to each client, save the changes on each tunnel, then move to the next. This way you can be sure the device isn't seen or used in any client except for the one you specify. Be sure to make the kill switch decisions you need, to be sure that if an OpenVPN tunnel drops, regardless of the reason, you won't have anything leaking to your ISP, outside of your tunnels. If your devices stop on the assigned client, it's usually a problem with the provider, perhaps their servers are overloaded. Log in to the GUI and remove the devices or device from that tunnel (turn it off until it's resolved/working again) and place it in an alternate, functioning tunnel that's working, turn it on then save at each step. You'll still be up and running and have time to troubleshoot a troublesome config or see why it went down.

If you don't have your devices on a tunnel with a properly set up kill switch, so they drop when a tunnel gets wonky, say if the VPN provider's network goes down, the devices may suddenly drop to WAN/ISP, running at full speed on the unprotected ISP's servers without warning. You won't have the degree of safety or security which OpenVPN provides.

Use your search-fu skills; the wiki sometimes isn't the clearest explanation at first, but you can always come back to it and have a better feel for it after reading what's perplexed other users who have looked for the same answer. Anything you can think of has been asked many times in different ways over the years; it's all here somewhere so don't give up. The GUI is much the same for most of the models/routers. An AC88U isn't an AC56 or an AC3200 so there are subtle differences; the principles of assigning each device to different configs/tunnels should be the same, and what you're running is whats on our AC3200. Good luck.
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