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VyprVPN configuration (160-bit) on AsusMerlin 386.7_2 - RT AX56U

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Hi Guys, as the title says , I am using Asusmerlin 386.7_2 on Asus RT-AX56U and I wanted to configure VyprVPN in the VPN client section.

I want to use the 160-bit openvpn since its much faster , less secure than 256 I know but I will be using it for a specific device through VPN DIRECTOR policy and I dont care about security.

Anyway, I downloaded the 160-Bit ovpn file from VyprVpn's site and uploaded it on the VPN client page but its not working somehow, says Authentication failed.

Here is the config (160-bit .ovpn file) contents:

dev tun
proto udp
remote us5.vyprvpn.com 1194
resolv-retry infinite
verify-x509-name us5.vyprvpn.com name
keepalive 10 60
verb 3

and here is the screenshot of the VPN client page. What Am I doing wrong here?



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Assuming your username/password is correct ...

Some of the budget VPN providers will intentionally issue an AUTH_FAILED response to a connection attempt (check the syslog) in a crude attempt to manage/limit access. They may even issue the failure asynchronously during active operations. I see it all the time w/ the likes of FastestVPN and KeepSolid (aka, VPNUnlimited) (you know, the one w/ the $10 lifetime subs, lol). You see far less of this w/ the big boys (ExpressVPN, NordVPN, etc.). And the worst part is, it's considered a fatal error, so it stops retrying and outright kills the OpenVPN client process.

It's why I recommend using my watchdog script w/ such VPN providers. It will doggedly keep retrying. It also helps if you add more than one server (in the form of additional remote directives in the custom config field) so you have more server options. You don't want to bank everything on having one server available (although that might not be necessary if the domain name resolves to multiple IPs).

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