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I'm having an internet performance issue with a W10 PC that is not directly wireless related but hoping someone here has had a similar experience and relevant suggestions.

I recently upgraded my home net to AX, an Asus RT AX88 and xfinity service to 600mb. The upgrade worked, devices all connect and function well overall. All other 5ghz wireless devices are experiencing a significant performance improvement, =>500mbm one has clocked over 700mb.

The problem: I have an W10 HP all in one desktop that came with an older intel nic. I wanted better internet speed for it but that didn't happen. Here's what I've done:
  • The PC is an HP, Intel based Core I5 - 2.2ghz x 4 cores, 12 GB
  • Latest W10 version & updates
  • I disabled the old nic.
  • I installed a dlink ax usb adapter (DWA-X1850), USB 3.0
  • Its close to the router, 4 bars (max) signal to/from the router. Signal has never been a problem for this computer / location
  • The AX88 shows it connected as expected: 2 ax / 80mhz... ~ 1gb in each direction.
    • Windows wireless properties also confirm AX 1gb
  • I installed an WD SSD a few years ago and the system otherwise performs very well and not burdened

The problem is that the pc will not speed test above 380mb/s, not much greater than before. Here's what I've tried:
  • I verified that I plugged the adapter into the same USB 3.0 SS labeled port that I've used to copy the disk image to upgrade this computer to SSD
    • I've witnessed this computer/USB 3.0 port achieve a rate far greater than this, that's why I thought this would work better
  • I use intel's driver support assistant and the USB port & hub have the most recent drivers from last fall
  • I looked at task manger and resource monitor... no system constraints
  • I looked at TCPOptimizer, but its redundant these days
  • I also temporarily shut off my virus package but it is very low impact - no change
  • I have no VPN
I'm probably out of luck but I'd appreciate relevant comments from anyone who's has experience problem solving this. Thanks


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You've made a few posts recently which myself and others have replied to. You never responded or acknowledged those replies. Will this be any different?

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