WAN DNS setting Quad9 not working?

Martin Fishkov

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Currently, my old DNS config is causing problems.
See the setting below.

With this DNS selection, my RT-AC68C no longer resolves host names.

I understand not everyone has this issue- can it be a conflict with my Diversion installation (via amtm) as this enables DNSMasq? (I am almost completely in the dark on how dns actually works)

All I try to do is fly just that little bit below the radar for most snooping, logging and tracking that may happen out there.

Thanks for your help!

WAN DNS Setting
DNS ServerFilter Mode: Privacy-respecting
Service Name: Quad9
DNS Server:,

Assign a DNS service to improve security, block advertisement and gain faster performance.
Forward local domain queries to upstream DNSYes No
Enable DNS Rebind protectionYes No
Enable DNSSEC supportYes No
Prevent client auto DoH Auto Yes No
DNS Privacy Protocol
None DNS-over-TLS (DoT)​


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Try the and

Quad9 does not work well for me so I use and Cloudflare Secure
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