WAN drops streams, games and my work VPN.

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Alternate Title: What does a normal Ping Monitoring Report look like?

So, I am getting intermittent drops in connection. The WAN never goes down, but it's almost like packets are not making it or something. I know just enough to get me in trouble, so bare with me...

When it happens, I have been getting dropped off my VPN for work, others in the house will get kicked out of an online game and streaming video will buffer or the player will fail (Twitch).
I have been running EMCO Ping Monitor over night and I can see some disturbing things, but I don't know what a typical ping monitoring session looks like.

I have attached some of what I see in EMCO.
In the screenshot you'll see I have been monitoring my ISP's URL because I know they are self-hosted (regional ISP).
I also have started monitoring the DNS servers that are auto-assigned to me.
I get pretty much the same results for google.com

I'm open to any suggestions as to better ways to monitor or investigate.


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Well according to my ISP, there is an issue with an entity in my ISP’s upstream that is experiencing a DDoS attack. They claim they are trying to ‘script them out’.
So I’m stuck with this performance level until the attack is stopped or they are taken out of the upstream.

Anyone think this is plausible or just a possible story to placate me?


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Sounds like a plausible placating story to me.

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