WAN LAG on GT AX11000 creates channel bond - but kills internet access Merlin 386.2


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MB8600 on Comcast with latest firmware. CAT-8 matched cables connected to ports 1,2 LAG enabled.
GT-AX10000 - Merlin 386.2 running stable & well UNTIL --- I tried to activate the WAN aggregation on the router and plug in the second CAT-8 to port 4 - then the router dashboard shows NO INTERNET CONNECTION. repower both devices - same result. The LAN light on the MB8600 shows blue rather than green - so the link is established, but the AX11000 is not getting an ip address from the MB8600 as long as wan aggregation is enabled on the router. Disconnecting one CAT-8 cable does NOT solve the issue. Disconnecting one Cat-8 cable PLUS disabling WAN Aggregation on Router does solve problem.

There is a thread about this same issue with multiple cable modems and the AX11000 on the ASUS ROG forums with no solution thus far (Threads from 3/26/21).

Oh - my xfinity package is 1.2G down 40 M up. My LAN has around 30 devices connected via wifi and wired connections (cameras, streaming boxes, pc's).

I am posting praying that some clever genius out there has fixed this - I feel like I bought a Ferrari with a yugo engine in it! (the AX11000, which replaced a dying AC5300):confused:


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