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WAN - Virtual Server / Port Forwarding simply is not working

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New Around Here
Firmware: 380.66_6

Asus RT-AC66u

When I go to the "WAN - Virtual Server / Port Forwarding" page on the admin console, input my settings and click the "apply" button nothing ever saves. Even if I choose one of the preconfig options for example "Telnet" none of the configurations work.

I just want to forward SSH from my work office to my internal network host. The stock FW used to work just fine. I am i missing something on another page possibly. I've searched the web can found no answers yet.

Is this is bug in the Merlin FW. Or am I supposed to configure via ipchains using the command line login. IF that is the correct approach does anyone have a link that explains where and how this should be configured to work correctly on boot and re-boots.

Thanks in advance
Are you remembering to click the + button to add the rule to the list before clicking Apply?
yep ... clicked the button :)
Then I don't know. That's the way it works, nothing complicated.

I don't run the same firmware version as you so perhaps it's a bug, but I'm surprised no one else has spotted it.

Did you do a factory defaults reset after loading the Merlin firmware for the first time, followed by a manual configure? It might be worth doing it again just in case there's a corrupted NVRAM setting somewhere.

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