wan0_gateway vs wan0_gateway_x nvram variables

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Jeffrey Young

Senior Member
Good Friday morning all;

I have been doing some searching around as to the difference between nvram variables ending with _x and the variables that don't end with _x. As an example wan0_gatewaay vs wan0_gateway_x

Can someone explain what the _x variables do within the router?


Jeffrey Young

Senior Member
Thanks @ColinTaylor. I don't need to worry about them then.

While stuck indoors during this little world wide shutdown, I have been trying to learn what I can about these little routers and mess around getting things to work. Keeps my mind sharp as I get older. Fortunate enough to have a AC68U box that I can plug into my 86U box to play around with without having to worry if I need to factory reset or not. I am not allowed to touch the main 86U box while the family is home (university students, etc - the kids are actually doing their finals via video-conference).


Part of the Furniture
I originally described these variables as "temporary" but perhaps that's not a good description. Maybe "transient" might be more accurate. But even that is not consistently true.

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