Wanted CFE & NVRAM for Asus DSL-AC68U/RT-AC68U

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I need cfe and nvram partition for DSL-AC68U router for debricking it.
On worked device you can make it on SSH console on router.
Just type for ex. in Putty:
cat /dev/mtd0 > /tmp/cfe.bin
cat /dev/mtd1 > /tmp/nvram.bin
And download this files using WinSCP (in folder /tmp on router).

Help me please, share it for me!

Ronald Schwerer

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Are passwords encrypted on the DSL-AC68U? Because they aren't on my RT-AC68U and my wifi & http passwords are clear text in /dev/mtd1. So good luck with that.

Ronald Schwerer

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Yeah, I got that. I was referring to getting someone to follow your ssh commands to give you a copy of their mtd1.
Even mtd0 has private info like the MACs (3) and secret WPS key. But that can be more easily edited.
You probably only need mtd0 (CFE). Once you've flashed the CFE, you can flash firmware via recovery. Then clean NVRAM. NVRAM will re-initialize on the next boot.
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NVRAM will re-initialize on the next boot.

Well, at least share please CFE, you can erase your confidential data in CFEEdit.exe.

In fact, there are two nvram partitions there, one is a copy of the other, and first can change(nvram or mtd1) by firmware and the second is NOT and read-only (it is not in the partitions area at all, it is only available for CFE).
Maybe it just won't come to life from the CFE section only.

Because your confidential data is important to you, you can overwrite it in WinHEX(in result binary file), like this:
1: macaddr=FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF
0: macaddr=FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF
I can correct the magic checksum later.


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I doubt a CFE for the RT-AC68U would work on the DSL-AC68U (as per your title request.)

You should use a CFE that matches your router's region and hardware revision. What are those? What was the CFE version number you had before you corrupted it?


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Hardware revision? Original CFE version number?


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Hardware revision? Original CFE version number?
The DSL-AC68U router has only one hardware revision.
Original CFE was

Plus, I know that you can run firmware from RT-AC68U on the DSL-AC68U router, the only difference is that there will be NO ADSL support.
It even looks almost the same and USB ports in the same places, and LEDs and buttons in the same places but instead of WAN port it has ADSL port.
The Reset button and WPS are the same on the firmware level, the LEDs (except for the ADSL connection) are the same on the firmware level.
So CFE from RT-AC68U might work as well.

Okay, I found CFE at this link.
It remains to find NVRAM.


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The CFE already contains the default set of NVRAM variables so I would have thought you could get the CFE to regenerate nvram partition for you.

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