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Warning on Chenbro ES34069 enclosure

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I just spent the last three hours troubleshooting a new Chenbro 4 bay enclosure, which seems to be a popular option for DYI NAS boxes.

Although the chassis is reasonably well built, I have found that the two bottom drives would not turn on. To make a long story short:
- make sure the MOLEX connectors on the backplane are pushed in all the way (you'll need to pull back the motherboard mount to access the backplane)
- when inserting the disk drives, make sure you give a firm push downwards. If you only push towards the back, that's not always enough to make good contact
- this one cost me some white hair.....one of the 4 SATA cables was defective.
I just got mine, and the drives work just fine. But I had a coronary when after all my hard work nothing would power up at all. I discovered that the big power cable that supplies main power to the motherboard was not plugged into the backplane. Connected it up, and *whew* everything was ok.

Heart rate is dropping nicely back below 300 now...:rolleyes:
Price and location

Can you guys share price and/or link where you purchased the case?


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