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web access from wan

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Is this ok to do ? Also allow only specified ip address.
I want to do this my for cousins so i don't have to go over there every time.
I notice the 86u power led was responding the the LG tv remote power button.
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VPN is the preferred method, and much more secure.

*No, I would not use web access from WAN for any reason. Too many past problems, give the forums a search I am sure you'll find some posts on the subject. A lot of those would be from a lot of folks more knowledgeable than me.
You will be hacked if you do it. Here is what Merlin has said:

“Personally however, I do not recommend opening even HTTPS to the WAN. Asuswrt's web server is poorly secured, and has had numerous security issues over the years. Best to limit it to LAN only, and use a VPN to remotely access it.”

From: https://www.snbforums.com/threads/e...wan-but-keep-http-from-lan.42521/#post-361843

Like HuskyHerder says, VPN is by far the safest way.

But why do you need to keep going “over there” every time? The router should not need constant tinkering with.
Agree with all the above. Use and setup an OpenVPN server on the router and connect when needed.

Better yet, maybe a full M&M Config and minimal and manual configuration to secure the router and connect to the ISP is needed so that your presence is not continually required. ;)

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