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Can someone please point me to the correct script I can use to update the webgui certificate when I am using the import your own option

I am using a downloaded script to issue custom letsencrypt certificates for my router with multiple SANs and wildcards. I have a script that installs the .key and .crt files in a folder inside jffs. I am looking for the correct commands to copy them to the right location and proper NVRAM variables to toggle to get the FW to use them. Then, I can use the script as part of my renew command script. I found below script but it does not seem to be working or is outdated

Are these steps correct or missing things?
  1. Copy cert files to:
  2. Restart the service
    service restart_httpd
I am running 386.3_2 on ax86u

Thanks in Advance!


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This is the script Im tweaking for your reference

nvram set https_crt_save=0
rm /etc/key.pem && rm /etc/cert.pem
rm /jffs/.cert/cert.pem && rm /jffs/.cert/key.pem
cp -f /jffs/my_certs/cert.crt /jffs/.cert/cert.pem
cp -f /jffs/my_certs/cert.key /jffs/.cert/key.pem
nvram set le_enable=2
nvram set https_crt_save=1
nvram set https_crt_file=""
service restart_httpd
nvram commit


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If you've already set your router to use a custom certificate, you don't need to set any nvram values. There's also some variables set by acme which can make it a bit easier.


# Preset variables
# Le_Domain

# Check the certificate is for the right domain, replace with your own
if [ "$Le_Domain" = '' ]; then
    logger -t 'acme' "running reload script ($0)"

    # Copy the files to where the webgui uses them
    cp -f "$CERT_FULLCHAIN_PATH" '/jffs/.cert/cert.pem'
    cp -f "$CERT_KEY_PATH" '/jffs/.cert/key.pem'

    # Restart the webgui
    service restart_httpd

The other option is to just set acme to do everything using the command line options
--fullchain-file '/jffs/.cert/cert.pem' --key-file '/jffs/.cert/key.pem' --reloadcmd 'service restart_httpd'
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Thanks! This is great info.
just to confirm if I go the acme command line option, I should use them with my —install-cert command correct?


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Actually, after looking through the code you might want to use --reloadcmd instead. It can be used with either --install-cert or --issue and runs after success, while --renew-hook can only be used with --issue and only runs on renewal (so not the first certificate request).


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Thanks! I switched to --reloadcmd. Still calling another script instead of just restarting web server so I can add customization if needed later.

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