WebUI DHCP Server - Javascript Error


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Refer to the screenshot.
aa = null cause NullException on aa.toUpperCase();

and now my table in DHCP Assignment List is empty but actually there are some data in the system..
not sure how to fix it (or tell me where this asp file stored in the router and I manually fix this javascript from ssh?)

As checked, during the function call, sortfield = 0 and clientList[a.mac] is null.

Advanced_DHCP_Content.asp:609 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toUpperCase' of undefined
at table_sort (Advanced_DHCP_Content.asp:609)
at Array.sort (<anonymous>)
at sortlist (Advanced_DHCP_Content.asp:570)
at initial (Advanced_DHCP_Content.asp:104)



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Providing the router model, firmware version along with your OS and browser might help others to provide a solution for you.

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