Weird ipv6 issues with ax88u

Kabouter Plop

Regular Contributor
I have docker running with many containers on my nas lancache + pihole + network boot server with a local webserver that pihole has local dns setup for and works together with network boot.
But when i enable ipv6 and set my own dns to my pihole as it has its own ipv6 adress, everything breaks and it uses my isp dns sometimes even tho i did not put it in my router as it does not get dns automaticly.
I have no idea why this is happening, at the moment i am looking into fixing the ipv6 issues with dns so i can focus on fixing the ipv6 support for my containers, but dns is ruining everything, i am better off leaving ipv6 disabled

Local dns is setup for both ipv4 and ipv6 adresses and if i ping it does ping the right adress but sometimes it does not.

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