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Weird router connection issues

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Ian Strait

Occasional Visitor
Hello all.

I posted a while ago about random reboots with a Asus rt-ac1900. I have replaced that router with a UniFi Security Gateway and still have connection drop issues.

My connection is a 1.5mbit ADSL connection through Centurylink using a ZyXel C1100. I have had three different SOHO routers (nighthawk 7000r, Asus RT-AC1900) that all have various connection problems ranging from the connection to whenever QoS is turned on, those routers reboots when connected to the Zyxel router in transparent bridging mode.

I would prefer not to have to use the Zyxel router as anything but a modem.

Are there DSL settings that are bad or is it my connection.

(I am asking because I just found out that centurytel blocks port 80 on this router so I am a little curious to see if they are the issue with this.)

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