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What CISCO to buy?

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New Around Here
What is available:
apartment (135 sq m)
4 TVs with internet (ethernet) WiFi do not use, as there are delays on it.
PS4 (On wi fi)
apple tv (ethernet)
2 laptops are also on the wire.
A small computer with disks (Used PLEX(www.plex.tv), I can not refuse this, cool stuff)
By WiFi tablets and phones

Country house, also have asus, there are several TVs

Advise cisco instead of current routers asus
They sometimes dull.
I would like to combine the house and apartment into a single lan space, so that server with plex can also be used for home cloud storage (nextcloud).

I would like to have at least 8 lan ports with a margin for the future (for an apartment). For the house I don’t know how, the location is always different, then in the house, then in the apartment.
Seamless WiFi would also not be bad, of course, but here, as I understand it, a controller is needed, which will still be released in 50 thousand p.

In general, I would like to hear tips on choosing equipment and access points.

I would not build a large flat network across the WAN. This means your network will run at WAN speed which is slow. You need to build a separate network for each location. Then route traffic based on location. Don't bridge networks, route networks.
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