What does "The For ALL DEVICES flag of Prof 1 has been set to DISABLE" mean?


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I've recently noticed this message in the syslog:

kernel: The For ALL DEVICES flag of Prof 1 has been set to DISABLE
While trying to google it, I've found it in a bunch of posts on different forums, but I cannot find any mentioning of what it means (and when is likely to appear).

It is not critical (I hope), but I am just curious.
(I am not sure if it is specific to the Merlin firmware, so my apology if it should've been posted to a more general forum.)


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I observe it on RT-AC86U with the latest (386.7_2) Asuswrt-Merlin.
However, I saw it in relation to other ASUS router models, so, I assume the meaning of this log message is the same across different models, isn't it?


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A cursory search of the internet seems to indicate it usually appears together with BWDPI and A.QoS messages. So it looks to be related to QoS.

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