What is the nvram flag to enable 5ghz-2 for auto select DFS channel

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HI There.

I try to selected "Auto select channel including DFS channels" for my 5ghz-2 band but it would not stick after clicking on Apply button. AX11000 is merlin latest firmware 386.3_2. 5ghz-1 auto dfs is checkmark and stick. I was hoping that there a nvram flag could make the auto dfs channel select for 5ghz-2 be persistent.


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There no such nvram flag for 5ghz-2 auto dfs?
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There no such nvram flag for 5ghz-1 auto dfs?
More like nobody knows, because this is low-level stuff that isn`t intended for end-users to change, so nobody ever tried to find it.


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HI Merlin,

Thanks for coming and answering the question. All i needed was confirmation from a knowledgeable person.

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