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What is your mouse?

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Logitech M310 cordless, (1) AA battery...

Logitech RX720 cordless, (2) AA batteries...

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Logitech M340 wireless mouse

Comes as a combo with my Logitech wireless K470 keyboard
I have a Logitech G Pro and G903, both are ambidextrous models, if you dislike asymmetry. The 903 is a bit heavier but more versatile, has free scroll, and suits my long fingers better. Had an MX3 Anywhere for work but was too small for my hand.
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I am using a Lenovo Legion M600 for the last year or so.
What do you use? I really hate asymmetrical mice.:mad:

Depends on the task at hand...

Point made though about the Asymmetric ones, they're not very friendly for folks that prefer left-hand mousing - I'm left handed, but I mouse about with the right hand - leaving left hand for the keyboard, which has advantages for gaming, at least in my humble opinion ;)
Logitech G PRO X Superlight 2 came out. I don't like 1. I expected 2 would be better. But it's worse than 1. I don't feel any sensor difference between 1(hero) and 2(hero 2). Click Pressure and noise are higher than 1 because of Optical Switch. Click noise is horrible.
It's exactly same as saw wiggle sound? :mad: I put it in the box again. The price is still overpriced like 1.
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None; an Apple Magic Trackpad instead.

BTW - I have one of these - on Mac's they are kind of interesting as while BT, they are very low latency....

I few folks might not appreciate how large that device is...


For Gaming - I"m thinking no, as most gaming platforms don't really support trackpad - and when have we seen a decent trackpad for Windows?

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