What not to install when the router can't have a public IP


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EDIT: Never mind. I think my ISP was hijacking at least some of my DNS queries. I switched from OpenDNS to Quad9 (It was easier to see what options Quad9 supported than it was for OpenDNS, and DNS Benchmark had Quad9 as the most responsive).
Hey everyone, I've run into quite a few weird issues so I decided I should start from scratch using many of the guides here. I want all my traffic to go through a VPN, but I really want to use Diversion as well for the ad-blocking.

I suppose I don't have much of an issue with doing a full reset every month or two. It might be the name of the game for me anyway as a digital nomad. Given my travel, I don't trust any network I'm on. I will mostly be outside the US.

Today, the Telmex modem at my Airbnb will not allow me to move it into bridge mode. From my limited Spanish and what I researched, this is something that Telmex locks down on consumer networks. I can't expect my Airbnb host to pay for a business plan. That means that my Asus router will have a private IP on the WAN connection. Skynet seems to have an issue with private IPs. Maybe I just need to get rid of Skynet rather than start over?

I want to make sure I have my best plan in place given my limitation. Are there any other add-ons (already in my signature) that anyone might know wouldn't work well given my limitations?
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