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Hi all,

I looking for some advice.
My whole house is set up with Asus routers in a Aimesh-setup.

But my main router (RT AC88U) is giving me more and more trouble. It keeps losing its wan-connection to my cable modem, some ethernet-ports randomly stop working, etc etc.

All problems are common, i read here I'm not the only one who encounters them.

I'm at the point of throwing it out of the window, but then I'd have to buy a whole new setup. And with 4 perfectly working RT AC68U-aimesh routers, I guess I'd better buy one new main router.

Preferably an Asus again, as I know the system very well now.

What type would you advice me? I'm looking for a real workhorse, because in a couple of weeks I'm on gigabit fiber. And i have approximately 40 devices connected.

Thanks for your help!


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You may find that a cheap 5 or 8 Port switch may solve your RT-AC88U's wonkiness. For $25 or so, it may be worth a try. I'm assuming you know to not use ports 5-8 on your main router, right now.

If the router really is gone, the following links may be helpful. Along with that additional 8 port switch if you need it for your wired clients.

Current Order of Recommended Routers Late 2021

Depending on your region, the RT-AX86U is the best bang for the buck. The RT-AX68U is the affordable entry-level current router today.

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