Whats your opnion on ASUS RT-AC3100 Router


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So whats your opinion on ASUS RT-AC3100 router [the black one]? Refurbished goes for 139$ as far as wifi it wont be worse then my DIR-882 that has 4x4 and 4x4 750Mb on 2.4Ghz
Plus ill get Merlin and ASUS gaming features like WTFast network + Dual WAN
Amazon has bunch of negative reviews so i wonder if this model is problematic?

Or maybe I should pay 180$ for ASUS AC2900 or 230$ for ASUS RT-AX92U?


I got the AX11000 for 360$ and then canceled it, I mean I dont have any AX devices, and single 2.5port is unusable.
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ive had the 3100 since it came out np whatsoever, works great when the grandkids are over streaming and playing on their ipads. as far as i can tell the wtfast does nothing at all - waste of time and effort imo but others mileage may vary.

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