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Whazzup with DAP-1555? Has DLINK dropped it?

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Im looking for a good wireless N access point and the 1522 intenna design got no connectivity for me. The 1555 has external antennas and I happen to have some large antennas to replace the provided ones (should they prove to be defficient).

The 1555 has been "backordered" for months now and their sales support keep routing me to the 1522. Anyone here know the following:

1) Is the external antenna design of the 1555 going to be better than the 1522? Maybe Im running on false hopes

2) Is there a good-range N-draft 2.0 WAP out there?

I'm checking with D-Link. But it sorta looks like the DAP-1555 is gone.

External antennas don't necessarily mean better performance then internal antennas. Both are capable of good (and bad) performance.

Are looking specifically for 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz band?
5Gh. I have two media areas in my home that need to get
Hooked up wirelessly to my dir825 router. They are tivos
And xboxes. Was going to leave laptop and printer on 2.4
G side ofnthe router

I currently have two cheapie G waps with large antennas
That boosted their signal. Tried dap1522 but got zero strength
Out where it had to go.
Is there a good-range N-draft 2.0 WAP out there?

There's a problem with 5 GHz itself -- if you really need reach, try 2.4 GHz, powerline, MoCA, or something else -- maybe even consider running a long network cable -- if you can do that, it's the best.

If you want to try another dual-band bridge, try locating a Linksys WRT600N, flashing it with DD-WRT, and setting it up in client bridge mode. Read the DD-WRT docs and follow them carefully for all parts, starting with hardware model and revision support.

DD-WRT can also run a repeater bridge mode, as a way of extending reach further to another device. All repeating modes have a performance impact though, and when you add wireless devices, you add additional points of failure and crowding of the limited wireless space.

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