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Where does it store the WebUI certificate

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I uploaded a lets encrypt ssl to Asus WebUI and it asked for the .cer and .key I wanted to know where does it store it? I SSHed into the router and still could not find it.


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If you are looking for parameters entered via the web GUI, you'll want to 'inspect' the html source code for 'name' attribute for the parameter entry field, and then ssh into the router and do something like
username$ nvram show | egrep 'key|cert|crt'
where the terms between the ' 's would match what you are looking for. You may need to search for multiple acronyms since the GUI form field names don't necessarily match the nvram keys. On my system (gt-ax6000) it looks like the public key gets stored in sshd_authkeys. You will see the files probably under /tmp/etc but they are auto-generated when the firmware loads on boot so can't be edited unlike nvram vars. Also on my version of ASUS router I'm seeing a cert.tgz file under /jffs/ which contains both cert and key, so this may be editable since /jffs/ is persistent.
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