Where is this 'boost' setting configured?


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I must have set this up a while ago, and now I have moved to gaming on PC. I'm wondering where this setting can be configured? I'd like to 'boost' my PC host now, and can't find it. I have checked under the 'Game' tab, and the Game Device Prioritizing is off, and the PS4 is not listed in there. So I don't think it's there. I removed the PS4 IP address from the WTFast Gamers Private Network app. QoS is also turned off. I was told QoS wouldn't help me much since I have Gig speed Internet. Let me rephrase... I PAY for Gig speed Internet. I typically only get about 400 Mb download speeds though. I think a long time ago I set the PS4 up as a gaming device in QoS (can't remember if it was FlexQoS or the old QoS that I did that in.) But QoS is off regardless, and I'm still seeing this red 'boost' icon on my PS4. Where can this setting be configured?




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