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Which NAS (if any)

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Our sml biz is Mac based and currently uses a OSX fileserver. Capacity is getting low and that sever is 5-6 years old. (a g4 xServe). We could either buy a new server with some DAS or a NAS.

The NAS needs would be:
- at least 4tb, Raid 5 or better
- Internet Access to Shares for remote users
- Snapshot backups
- perhaps TimeMachine client backups

We currently have a Retrospect back Server with a VXA loader tape drive. Does the job but it's a over taxed because in addition to backing up the FS, it's trying to back 30 clients as well.

Would a NAS perform better than a traditional FS?

Which NAS? Synolgy, NetGear, Promise, qNap?

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