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Which NVRAM Key Controls RT-AX86U 2.5G Port Assignment to WAN or LAN?

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Does anyone know which NVRAM key would control whether the 2.5G port is assigned for WAN use vs LAN use on the RT-AX86U router?



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Currently, only knowledge gathering.

As far as I know it is controlled by the VLAN and bridge it is assigned to, which on your router is pretty difficult to change (but doable, others have). The NVRAM variables are just used for stuff in the GUI so it knows what interfaces are used for what.


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On my RT-AX86U, eth5 appears to be the 2.5gbs port, and eth0 is the usual 1gbs WAN port.

nvram show | grep eth5 ## shows NVRAM variables referencing eth5
nvram show | grep eth0 ## shows NVRAM variables referencing eth0

If I were to switch to using the 2.5gbs port for the WAN, I would expect those variables (above) to reflect the change.

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