Which of these AP or Mesh are best for my apartment

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I want to upgrade my home network since my current Dlink COVR 2202 mesh is a disaster with a lot of issues like dropping and losing connection to main device, so I want to upgrade to a better solution while on a budget, I need two devices for my house since its a 2400 square feet apartment and it's a must have 5Ghz for gaming with great roaming capabilities I don't want to pay more than 60-70$ per device (I know i need 2 devices only)

I have a Mikrotik router used as a controller so I need access points with great roaming capabilities, any advice on what to get?
What I found till now are :
Netgear Nighthawk R7000
Xiaomi AX3600
Xiaomi mi Ac2350
Honor router 3
TENDA Ac23, Ac19

Or a Mesh system
Tplink deco M4 2 Pack
TENDA MW12 2 Pack

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