Which one to use as the router - Asus RT-N66U or Velop Dual Band AC1200?

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I'm currently running an Asus RT-N66U on stock firmware on 100Mbps internet.

I have a few weak and dead spots so went ahead and installed ethernet and have 3 x dual band Velop AC1200's arriving today.

Should I:

1) Use the Velop for routing (as well as additional wireless) and add the RT-N66U as an access point?
2) Keep using the RT-N66U as the router (including wireless as I need the coverage) and use the Velops as access points?

In other words, which one will perform best in router duties?

Apart from performance, are there any other considerations to favor one set up over the other?



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I would Keep It Simple Stupid and simply replace the Asus with Velop outright -- Velop will handle routing, all core network services and wireless.

You'll have better wireless coverage and performance, without co-interference from the Asus, and you'll avoid having to deal with getting rid of double-NAT (explainer by Netgear).


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Thanks for the response but I want to keep the RT-N66U in service to maximize my coverage.

Right now, I've installed the Velop system in bridge mode and it is working well. No problems with interference or double-NAT.

I am however going to see what happens with the Velop as the router, mainly because the layout of my house suits moving the stronger RT-N66U to a more open internal area that will also enable me to get a better signal into my back yard. The dual band Velops, which have less range, will then serve smaller discrete areas.


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The usefulness of the RT-N66 really comes down to your WAN speeds. That poor router has such limited CPU, it will top out earlier than some ISP connections permit these days. It has been a while since I got rid of mine, but I thought it only handled around 125Mbps or something like that?

I would most likely not use the RT-N66 for anything other than as a basic AP...but when combining with a mesh system, you are most likely causing more issues than you are solving by mixing devices like this. Especially if you are leaving these devices on high power which means clients will not roam around correctly.


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1) Use the Velop for routing (as well as additional wireless) and add the RT-N66U as an access point?

Use the Velop only, should be good for your 100Mbps ISP. Keep the N66U configured for backup router. I wouldn't mix and match Wi-Fi APs.

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