Which router bridge to match my Asus AX-86U?


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I'm looking for a router bridge that would be a nice match for my AX-86u. I am using my AC-68U as my media bridge, but obviously it is limited by the 3x3 - 5Ghz stream @ 1300 Mbps Rx/Tx & RSSI (e.g. 162.5Mega bytes per second?).

I was thinking of a TP link AX-73 because they are quite economical for purely acting as a bridge, at around $100 usd.



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What wired device(s) are you connecting that need more than 162.5MB/s combined?

Unless you're able to wire that location (and simply use a 2.5GbE switch there, with Cat5E being more than sufficient for even a 100' run), I don't believe you'll see a noticeable 'upgrade' to your wired devices.

Wirelessly, another RT-AX86U would be ideally matched (but quite costly, of course). I would also consider the RT-AX68U and the RT-AX86s, depending on the prices at the time of purchase.

Note that I have little positive experience with any TP-Link products, and for $100, I wouldn't be too eager to try them again. Particularly with the class-leading RT-AX86U as the main router (and the standard I would want the network to be at after any changes).
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