Skynet Whitelist by country code?

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New Around Here
Is there a way to whitelist on country code?
I use blacklist countrycode and see its intensive work for the router.
I would only like to approve a few countries.
Isn't this also an option that many people would use?

Something with:

ipset -N geoAllowIP nethash
for IP in $(wget -O{uk,es}.zone)
ipset -A geoAllowIP $IP


Senior Member
I have to say that seems like an imprudent suggestion at best: while blacklisting by country codes often leads to breaking more than intended, the reverse, whitelisting by country is effectively saying "I believe there are zero bad actors in (insert_preferred_country_here)".

Do you really believe that to be the case?


Very Senior Member
Agree with jsbeddow, defeats the whole purpose of using skynet. You are better off finding the offending ASN ranges or IP's being blocked and whitelisting those instead (if you are sure they are safe).

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