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Whole house coverage? & Defcon Wireless VLAN

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New Around Here
I have a 3 story house, (Concrete walls, wood floors, etc) and have poor reception on the 2nd and 3rd story. I have several spare Linksys and have tried the WW-DRT in WDS mode and although the routers see each other (in the mac address /attached router under status), the clients only connect to the primary router on the 1st floor (meaning weak signal). I've tried them all in AP mode as well , but the client won't switch to the strongest signal when I start to loose the weaker signal.

What I really want is a seamless solution like the geeks had a Defcon 16. You could roam where ever you wanted and you switched to the nearest (strongest) access point without loosing your in progress download.

Any ideas, suggestions are welcome.

You're not going to get that with WDS. What you need it multiple APs connected via Ethernet.
Thanks Tim,

The house is an "This Old House Classic" and I can't get away with any wires. is there any way. To use say 2 wireless routers per location, put one in bridge mode and then connect the AP to it, basically eliminating the need for a physical cable. I realize I'd probably loose some bandwidth due to "chatter".


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