Why 468 Mbps only ( 866 / 468 Mbps ) ? RSSI is -46 dBm

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I am running an ASUS AC3200 with latest Merlin FW 384.13_10 and when I look at the wireless log webpage I see 866/468 Mbps. This behavior is with all my 2x2 devices ( tablets, latops ). Using a mac 3x3 it goes to 1,300/ 520 Mbps.

Is there a reason why the router does not transmit above 468 Mbps? I was expecting to see 866/866 or 1,300/1,300. Devices were next to the router. I have attached the screen capture.

any help/explanation is appreciated.


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Test while you are transferring something, this could just be power management lowering the link rate while idle.

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