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Why am I not getting max ac link rate with SNR 30?

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So this is what I'm seeing on my RT-AX86U wireless log:


Noise is -90 dBm, RSSI is -60 dBm, therefore SNR should be 30, correct?

The client is an RT-AC66U B1 AiMesh node, so it has 3x3 ac on 5 GHz.

The max link rate for 3x3 ac 80 MHz would be 1300 mbps, yet it's only connecting at 702, a little more than half, not even close to max. According to multiple sources I've found 27-30 SNR is needed for max link rate on ac.

I know link rates are theoretical and real world speed is about half, but shouldn't the link rate still reflect SNR?
Do you have android? Play Store download WiFi Analyzer & Open Signal run these both on your cell connected by your WiFi. Do what we call cheap site survey but it's very effective one though. A lot of the WiFi and Wired LAN & Wireless LAN speeds vary and. Wireless does degrade

2000 = 1200 mbps
1350 = 810 mbps
1200 = 720 mbps
1000 = 600 mbps

These would be the end results.. Average your mbps may very. I try to keep my network gear cool for best results and life span usage. Coax on Broadband on Fiber going to be a lot depending on the ONT condition.

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