why are certain devices on my network having difficulties seeing the internet?

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I can't understand this:
Suddenly my RasPi HTPC and my BD player (Netflix for non-smart TVs) can't ping outside my LAN. Everything else is fine, but on these 2 devices, no port 80 or 443 suddenly.


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Difficult to guess the reason as you have given absolutely no information about your setup. :rolleyes:


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Yikes, apologies.
AC86, 384.19, native IPv6, unbound (w/adblock and YT blocker), cake-qos, connmon, spdmerlin...
the devices in question get IP addresses, but can't establish comms to the outside world. Everything else connects and surfs just fine.
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Actually, it seems the firmware can connect (it will update), but the app (netflix) is blocking.
I'm guessing it's a crypto library thing, and have reached out to the netflix app developer.
Sorry all.
If anyone knows how to get into the backend of a samsung BD player with the same issue, inbox me.

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