Why does enabling QoS give me a Trend Micro License Agreement?

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On my GT-AX6000, turning on QoS gives me a Trend Micro license agreement that I need to accept. If I am not interested in AiProtection at all so why is TrendMicro involved here? I want 0 security features enables by AiProtection just wanting to try out QoS.

On a side note, what do you recommend for QoS? Adaptive or Traditional?
What about the Bandwidth setting? Manual or Automatic?

I have a 1 GBPS Down/330 MBPS up fibre connection


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Adaptive QoS relies on traffic classification signatures from Trend Micro in order to prioritize traffic by the different classes/applications.


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from my experience Adaptive QoS is truly not working :) if you have few users
Traditional QoS when activated allow maybe half of your bandwidth - to week HW.


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On a side note, what do you recommend for QoS?

In your case - no QoS.


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