Why does lower priority QoS device overtake higher priority device?

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RT-AX86U when I go to Adaptive-QoS> BandwidthMonitor> I see that my NAS is chewing up more bandwidth than my MAC, even though the MAC is higher priority (Orange=High) than the NAS (Blue=Lowest). If i power the NAS down, then the MAC gets its bandwidth back. Why does NAS (Hardwired) take over my MAC(WiFi)??

I have a YouTube video at

I am using "Adaptive QoS". I have GeForce-NOW-QoS-UPnP control enabled, and QoS-Type=Adaptive.

Is there a better setting??
If yes... Why?


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In my experience, those priority colors don’t have any effect with Adaptive QoS.

But even if they did, that’s not how Adaptive QoS is designed to work.

Adaptive QoS will prioritize based on the Application identified (turn on App Analysis to see how the traffic is identified) and your chosen priority scheme on the QoS page (Gaming, Work-From-Home, Customize, etc.).

You have more/better QoS options with Merlin firmware.

Fred Johnston

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That's super handy to know, and i do have Merlin. I'd really like to know how this works (I'm hoping to keep it simple, but obviously am quite lost as to how it all works, and if any of the other QoS options are better, etc). (and why the heck do they have the color priorities, and not give warning that it's useless)...


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Since you have Merlin, look at the Classification tab to see how the traffic per IP is categorized, and what priority level (color) it is assigned. Net Control is highest priority and the rest depend on your chosen priority scheme.

Higher priority categories get preference for available bandwidth, but lower priorities can use bandwidth not needed by higher priority categories.

It’ll melt your brain if you try to take it all in at once.


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Is your QoS for both UDP and TCP traffic or is it only for UDP traffic? This is a good starting place.

Next is wire is faster than wireless. You could have hesitations in your wireless which would allow the wire connection to flow faster.

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