why no good branded routers with Optical input ?


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recently i had FTTH and realised ISP's xPON ONU/T are not as good..

i was so much confident that in today's world of FTTH, well known branded routers like Asus, DLink, Netgear etc i was confident they must be having routers which now takes Optical also.. G-EPON is now a well known standard.. but realised it is not so..

want to understand what could be the reasons branded routers of Asus, DLink, Netgear etc don't take FTTH Optical as input ? can you please share your views about this..

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Why would manufacturer go to the expense of including an ONT in a home router when all FTTP service providers supply an ONT to terminate the cable and the market for full cable is still relatively small?

Without the ONT the ISP can't complete the installation and set up your connection.

What makes you say " aren't so good" ? Service providers are not going to fit an ONT that is not fit for the job as doing so would cause them endless service calls and expense.

Fritzbox/AVM do have a range of optical/cable modem routers as their market has more full cable installations and there are cable modems available if you really need to change the unit.
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Last thing I would want to do is have to have any responsibility to the fiber line being moved or messed with at all in my house.

Google provides an ONT just inside my house....where I would not want my router....and I am free to run my Ethernet anywhere within the house to my equipment. Exactly the way it should be. If your ISP using a more intrusive ONT, that stinks.

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I think RT-AX89X does support ONT

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