Why No Intranet Or Wifi?

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Having transitioned between ISPs I found that I had no internet for two days (thanks Vodafone!).
What I found during this time was that my Internet led was showing red, as expected, but at the same time the router would not pass anything at all!.
I hard wire stream videos and music from my PC to my TV and HiFi respectively, but when the internet was not working found that I could not stream during this time!
I then chose the Wifi options for both equipment and again no streaming.
Can anyone explain why the router would block other traffic when the internet is down?
Is there a way to get around this problem?


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Router model and firmware? Connected to a modem or modem router? Anything different in your configuration?

We are good but not clairvoyant.


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Router model and firmware?

RT-AX58U perhaps.



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I am sorry but I didn't realise all the Asus router models (or those of other makes) behaved differently!
I am using an Asus RT-AX58U.
I don't know the firmware, but it is the manufacturer's default. Under the new ISP recommendation I have it disconnceted at the moment while the broadband speed is being tweaked.


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Power off your ISP modem/router, wait 30min, power it back on. Your network shouldn't be affected by Internet service disruption. How do you access your devices, by IP address or host name? Host name resolution may be affected by your router settings.


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That is my point though!
My intranet/streaming should not be affected but it is.
So how do I prevent it?

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