Wi-Fi Ping Spikes: Causes and Fixes


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Great article Tim. Curious who Dennis Bland is though? Was he the author of the article, or you?


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That's explained in the article. His bio is included at the bottom


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Oops! Sorry, I saw your name at the top of the article, skipped the intro, and just saw the bio at the bottom. Thanks.


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This was a great article. One of the suggested features to check — automatic channel selection — was enabled on my AX88U. I was having intermittent severe latency on the 2.4GHz channel: we're talking several seconds where packets would not go through, followed by a flood of extremely late packets (5+ seconds). Occasionally devices would drop off the network entirely, necessitating a reboot of the device or the router to resolve.

The 2.4GHz network is *only* used for Smart Home devices (IoT) that don't support 5GHz.

To increase network stability I set a fixed channel, reduced the bandwidth to 20MHz, and limited the protocol to 802.11g/n only (no 11b). These changes have reduced a lot of the random dropouts and latency spikes. My Twinkly Christmas lights are much more responsive now!

I have Smart Connect enabled for now, but I plan to turn it off soon.


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Hey ... the link shown at the top of this thread is giving me "Page not found" ... could we get that article back please?

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